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Nature has its way of changing things - 
                           and for your stonework -  
                                        this may NOT be a pretty process!

         Our society knows the importance of commemoration.  Statues, markers and monuments are placed to honor individuals, groups, events, and causes.  Buildings are decorated with cement and brick designs to give unique appeal.  Even our homes, driveways and parks make use of stonework. 
         Although the intent of these expensive investments is to display a reminder offering long lasting beauty, nature continues in its never ending journey over the face of these stonework artifacts.  Sadly, granite, marble, concrete, brick and other stone finishes usually show signs of their natural staining experiences.  Animal and bird visits do happen.  Weather plays its part.  The stonework itself will give up its ore impurities.  STAINS and SOILING appear!
     Our company offers gentle pressure washing with brushes and environmentally friendly solutions to work with you and nature.  Whether you need cleaning of a memorial, a driveway, or building ornaments - we can help!  Our business is located at 15475 Cricket Lane, East Liverpool.  We service the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio area.  Our company is insured and our personnel has years of experience in the monument industry.