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Pressure Washing Services for stonework - whether you have a monument, grave marker, statue, building ornament - even a driveway or home - Please keep our gentle pressure washing services in mind.

Does your memorial investment need a little sprucing up?  (considering natural causes of staining:  weather, moss, lichen, animals and birds visits, just to mention a few!)  We can help clean up that look - get it refreshed!

Our services offer removal of naturally deposited dirt, debris and/or an ore stain on the surface of the stonework.  We handle all the clean up from any mess we make.  Gentle pressure washing, brushes and environmentally friendly solutions help us maintain your investment.

We specialize in cleaning the following:  Marble, Stone, Granite, Brick and Cement.  Our personnel with years of experience in the monument industry can refresh your stonework easily. 

REACH US AT 330 932 0654  email:  gracemcclester@comcast.net

 In brief, you should know the following about us:  MONUMENTAL CLEANING SOLUTIONS, LLC was established in May, 2011 and has service personnel with years of experience in the Monument Industry.  Our specialty is in the area of cleaning monuments and stonework.  Our home based business is located at 15475 Cricket Lane, East Liverpool, OH.  Our goal:  your stonework investment - REFRESHED!